Practice CDs
Non members of A Cappella may purchase part-enhanced audio practice cds (instrument=piano) containing your choice of pieces from the choir repertoire, listed below, which are in the public domain. It may also be possible to include pieces not in the choir repertoire if I am able to get the music, and as long as the music is in the public domain. A typical cd would contain around 25 pieces of an average of 3 minutes, the maximum total being around 75 minutes. The charge for the cd, including postage and packaging, is Ł5 (U.K. only, for other countries the postal charges will increase the cost. Details sent when you mail me), working out at about 20p per track. The cd will be in a paper sleeve with an insert giving the details of the tracks on the cd. For each cd you wish to purchase, please email me the following details:

Your part, e.g. Soprano 1
Your name and full address, including postcode
A list of the pieces you require to be on the cd, giving the full title of piece and the composer, with initials if there might be any ambiguity.

If you only need a few pieces but for more than one part, this is also possible, e.g. you might need just three pieces which are all divisi for all parts, giving 24 tracks.

I will check that I have the pieces you require and whether they will all fit onto one cd, and confirm or ask you for alternatives to any I do not have, or ask you which to delete if they will not fit onto one cd.
The only payment accepted is by Paypal, (details when I mail you) and when I have received confirmation of payment, I will send your cd within three working days.

The following list does not include the full repertoire of Christmas carols
Anon.Dindirin, Dindirin
Beatus Nicolaus
Felice AnerioChristus facus est
Joannes de AntxiettaO Bone Jesu
Jacques ArcadeltIl Bianco et Dolce Cigno
Margot labourez les vignes
J S Bach (Harm.)O Jesulein Süss (O Little One Sweet)
Adriano BanchieriCapriciata a tre voci
Contrapunto bestiale alla mente
John BartletOf all the birds that I do know
Adrian BattenO Praise The Lord
John BennetAll creatures now
Weep, O Mine Eyes
William BoyceAlleluia (round)
Johannes BrahmsNachtewache No. 1
Anton BrucknerVirga Jesse Floruit
William ByrdAve verum corpus
Haec Dies
Justorum Animae
Laetentur Coeli
Lullaby, my sweet little baby
O Magnum Mysterium
Slow, slow, fresh fount
Thomas CampionNever Weather-Beaten Sail
Tune Thy Music to Thy Heart
Thomas CaustonIt is a thing both good and meet
Michael CavendishCome, Gentle Swains
Peter CorneliusSo weich und warm
John DowlandCan She Excuse My Wrongs
Come again, sweet love
Come, heavy sleep
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
Sir Edward ElgarAs Torrents in Summer
Bridgit EnglandThe Passionate Shepherd to his Love
John FarmerFair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone
Richard FarrantCall To Remembrance
Hide Not Now Thy Face
Lord for Thy Tender Mercy's Sake
Gaspar FernándesUn relox a visto Andrés
Gerald FinziMy spirit sang all day
Mateo FlechaRiu Riu Chiu
Thomas FordSince First I Saw Your Face
César FranckPanis Angelicus
Franchino GaffurioAdoramus Te, Christe
O Jesu Dulcissime
Giovanni GastoldiAmor vittorioso
Carlo GesualdoLanguisco e Moro
O vos omnes
Orlando GibbonsAh, dear heart
Hosanna to the Son of David
The Silver Swan
What is our life?
Thomas GreavesCome away, sweet love
Jacob HandlResonet in Laudibus
Hans Leo HasslerAch weh des leiden
Tanzen und Springen
Heinrich IsaacInnsbruck, ich muss dich lassen
Robert JonesFarewell, dear love
Orlando Di LassoBonjour Mon Coeur
Chi chi li chi
La nuit froide et sombre
Matona Mia Cara
Claude Le JeuneRevoici venir du Printemps
Luzzasco LuzzaschiItene Mie Querele
Luca MarenzioChe Fa Oggi il Mio Sole
Crudel perché mi fuggi
Felix MendelssohnFrohlocket ihr Völker auf Erden
Claudio MonteverdiLasciatemi morire
O Mirtillo, Mirtillo, Anima Mia
O Primavera
Ohimč se Tanto Amate
Thomas MorleyApril is in My Mistress' Face
Hard by a Crystal Fountain
My Bonny Lass, She Smileth
Now Is The Month Of Maying
Sing We and Chant it
W.A.MozartDona nobis pacem (round)
Thomas MuddLet Thy Merciful Ears
William MundyO Lord The Maker
G. P. Da PalestrinaExsultate Deo
Hodie Christus Natus Est
Vineam meam non custodivi
Pierre PassereauIl Est Bel et Bon
Robert PearsallLay a Garland
Peter PhillipsO Beatum et Sacrosanctum Diem
Francis PilkingtonRest, Sweet Nymphs
Heironymus PraetoriusIn Dulci Jubilo
Michael PraetoriusQuem Pastores Laudavere
Josquin Des PrezMille Regrets
Ave Maria
Cipriano de RoreAncor che col partire
Paul Ernst RuppelCantate Domino
Pierre SandrinDouce Mémoire
Franz SchubertDer tanz
Heinrich SchützPsalm 100
Ludwig SenflAch Elslein, liebes Elselein mein
Claudin de SermisyAu Joli Bois
Martin menait son pourceau au marché
Tant que vivrai
Charles Villiers StanfordBeati Quorum Via
The Blue Bird
Arthur SullivanThe long day closes
J.P.SweelinkHodie Christus Natus Est
Thomas TallisIf Ye Love Me
O nata lux
Salvator mundi
Michael ThompsonLet Not Mercy and Truth Forsake Thee
Thomas TomkinsI Heard a Voice
Music divine
O Yes! Has Any Found a Lad?
See, See the Shepherds' Queen
Too much I once lamented
Tomas Luis De VictoriaO Magnum Mysterium
O vos omnes (not responsory)
Christopher TyeGive Almes of Thy Goods
Thomas VautorMother, I Will Have a Husband
Sweet Suffolk Owl
Thomas WeelkesAndalusian Merchant, The
As Vesta was from Latmos Hill descending
Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Hosanna to the Son of David
O care, thou wilt despatch me
Sing we at pleasure
Thule, the period of cosmography
When David Heard
John WilbyeAdieu, Sweet Amaryllis
Draw on, sweet night
Flora gave me fairest flowers
Lady, When I Behold
Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes
Welcome to a small selection of the sort of music which the Choir sings. Please select a piece of music.
If you do not have Broadband, please be patient, the selection will play automatically when loaded.
Please do not use any of the controls until the music has started, as this may cause breaks in the sound.
As A Cappella have not yet made any recordings, we are grateful to Octave Vocal Ensemble, Umeĺ Akademiska Kör, Gruppo Polifonico Santo Stefano, Amici Cantores, Canticum Antiquum, Corale Polifonica Psalterium and to Collegium Vocale Bydgoszcz for the use of these pieces.